Zaka the okapi is the wisest creature in all of the Back lands.


Zaka is a kind, wise, and gentle okapi. He is super kind to everyone, he cares for his friends and family.

Physical Appearance

Zaka is a brown, with a well-built body and a long neck .His legs are small and skinny, colored white, with back stripes over thighs and fur just beneath his shoulders. Above each of his pure black hooves is another stripe, these ones are thicker than those located higher up on his legs, His pointy ears are dull peach inside. He has a white marking covering most of his face, a grey muzzle, and a black nose, His skinny tail end in a small;, scruffy black tuft. His eye color is blue.

Biological Information

  • Species: Okapi
  • Meaning: intelligence, acumen, purity, honesty
  • Age: Adult
  • Gender; Male
  • Close Relations: (Distant Relative)