Ukarimu is a teenage male tiger who makes his first appearance in the lion guard: Battle for the pride lands. He lives in the Pride Lands and the Outlands. He is one of the subordinates of Mfano.



Ukarimu, unlike his boss, Ukaidi,Mjusi, Kujiamini, Hofu and Hasira, is very relaxed, kind and friendly, and does not necessarily believe in their ways. Despite this, when his boss asks him to do something, he will obey and even approach his others should they try to disobey him. He holds no animosity towards the Lion Guard, frequently avoiding confrontation with them. 

Physical Appearance

Ukarimu is a young adult tiger, considerably small for his age, with a dark orange tuft over his eyes. He has orange-color fur with a white muzzle, underbelly and legs. He has black stripes along his back, head, and legs His eyes are a dark reddish-shade.



Ukarimu was originally born into a human program that was to help the Tiger species. He eventually was moved to be taken to a place in Africa, but he escaped, wanting to be free. It took him a while to learn to be on his own, he eventually was able to survive. His first friend upon being wild was a cheetah named Ukaidi.

The lion guard: the battle for the pride lands