The Pridelands is a vast African Savannah territory controlled by a pride of lions known as the Pridelanders. The

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Pridelands is one of the most common locations in fanon relations. The lion or lioness that controls the pride rules the Pride Lands as King/Queen. As such, the Pride Lands are regarded as his. As king, his most important duty is to keep a peaceful existence and balance between the animals that inhabit the territory, ensuring that the lands flourish and remain prosperous for all the animals, including the pride.

When the king dies, whomever is next in line to succeed him, usually his son or daughter by his mate, assumes the dual roles of head of the pride and king of the Pride Lands. If the king has no offspring, the rulership passes to his eldest sibling. Beyond the borders of the Pride Lands, there is an Elephant Graveyard and the Outlands.

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