Saka's gang is a group of bullies.



Saka's gang are a group of animals named: Saka, Aisha, Akida, Asani, Kali, and Ikenna. They act no differently than school playground bullies, picking on anyone either weaker or different than them.

Group information

  • Leader: Saka
  • Members:Saka, Ikenna, akida, asani, Aisha
  • Goal(s): To get rid of Simba and kion and rule over the pride lands, to bully the Lion guard


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Saka is the leader of the gang.His coat is a pale brown with his muzzle,paws and underbelly being a lighter tan brown shade. He has green eyes and a black mane and tail. Saka is very selfish and rebellious lion.One of his favorite pastimes is harassing weaker animals. He can also be highly intelligent and manipulative and is also cunning and devious. Saka does, however, show respect towards those that behave as his species does. And he also will express gratitude if his life is saved.



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Asani is the hyena of the gang. Asani is a scraggly hyena with ashen gray fur, with a lighter fur on his mouth and underbelly, a scrawly black budding mane and tail. With a nip of his right and left ears. Asani has a pushy attitude and mostly mocks what Beshte say to him, He doesn’t like to give in, but his take his frustration out on ticks by chewing on them.

  • Hatari: A honey badger who is a little mean to the lion guard and makes fun of them.
  • Aisha: A standard bat eared fox who is the only female in the group.
  • Kali: A cape dog who is mean and arrogant.
  • Ikenna: A cape buffalo who is known to have a murderous, cruel, and vicious attitude

Others unnamed

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