This page has references to lesbianism, you have been warned. 

Macheo is a female eternal Dusk lycanroc and mate of Kiangazi and she is the sister of Taraka. She is a member of the msitu pride.



Macheo is calm Pokemon who tends to keep the peace in the pride. She is just and enlisted to settled disputes. She is also loyal to her friends and will always come to their aid if they need her to. Macheo is rather observant and quick to spot prey during hunts.

Physical Appearance

Macheo's species greatly resemble the midday form, albeit with thick orange-gold fur and green eyes, as well as a fluffy mane on her neck that resembles lycanroc (midnight form). When she attacks her eyes sometimes glow Red like those of midnight form like all eternal Pokemon she has long claws and a pair of saber tooth teeth.Macheo has two orange-gold spots on her head.



  • Macheo means "sunrise"
  • Both Macheo and Kiangazi are princess ava15's first two lesbian characters.