Jozi and Kali, collectively known as the duo, are twin Litten  brothers who lives in the inchi forest. They are a member of Msitu's pride.



Jozi: Jozi is a good tempered Pokémon. He's very friendly and happy, often messing around making jokes when ever he can. He's a big goofball and loves to make others laugh. He's very playful and a real sweetheart. He can be scary at times, but he's a real teddy bear.

Kali: Kali is honest and bright-hearted. He does his best to be positive and spirited, and as a result can sometimes fail to understand how serious a situation is. He is easily intimidated and is a very unskilled liar. He is very loyal to his sibling, Jozi and is friendly and kind to him. 

Physical Appearance

Jozi and Kali both has primarily black fur. There are two red stripes around each of there legs and two horizontal stripes with a vertical stripe across them on there forehead. The lower part of his face is also red, and there is a large tuft of fur on each cheek. There eyes are red with yellow sclera and They have short, pointed ears with pale gray insides. they both have a short muzzle with a tiny, black nose. A tuft of fur sits at the end of there long tail.


Early Life 

Jozi and Kali hatched in the Machwa Jungle.

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