Jiang is the (formerly) antagonist in kung Fu panda: Legend reborn, sequel to kung Fu panda: The shapeshifter’s wrath.


Jiang is a sly, serious, intelligent, sarcastic, calm, confident and mischievous wolf.

Character information

  •          Name: jiang

  •           Meaning: River

  •          Gender: Female

  •         Species: Wolf

  • Home: Bamboo Forest (formerly), Gongmen City
  • Alignment: Bad, Later Good
  •           Relatives: Chi(mother/deceased), Chang(father/Deceased), Boss wolf(mate), Muna(daughter), Sharifa(daughter), Chin(son)

  •  Allies: Lord Shen, wolf pack, Boss wolf, Muna, Sharifa, Chin, Po, Furious Five, Shifu
  •  Enemies: Etana, Po(formerly), Furious Five(Formerly), Shifu(formerly), kai
  • Power and abilities: Speed, Brute strength, shape shift 
  • Weapons: Battle axe, Teeth, Claws
  • Inspiration: Kara, Vitani, Zira, Tigress
  • Voice actor: Jennifer l.(pup), Tabitha st. germain(Adult)
  • Fate: Reforms and joins po and the furious five