Imani is a leopardess and a member of Badili's Leap.



Imani is a quiet, reserved leopard. She is exceptionally intelligent and knows quite a bit about the Backlands and its inhabitants, but usually prefers not to share her knowledge unless she is called upon to do so. In battle, she is fierce and quick-thinking and proves to be a worthy member of the Leap.

Imani speaks in a low voice with a strong Australian accent.

Physical Appearance

Imani is a lithe leopardess with a willowy frame and small paws. She is generally larger than average, with a long body and tall legs. Her fur is a pale lemon color, and her rosettes are brown outlined with black. The spots on her face are big and solid colored. Her sclerae are dark yellow, with her irises being green. Her inner ears are light pink, rimmed with black.  One of her ears bears a large tear, a souvenir of a past fight. Her soft, thick fur has a rather fluffy quality, but is still quite smooth along her sides, on her back, and on her face. Her nose is Brown while her claws are long, sharp, and gray.




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