Capper is a male anthropomorphic cat and he is a Klugetown con artist and former aristocrat from Abyssinia. He is the deuteragonist in The Story of Nadhifu.


Capper is tall in stature and thinly built.His main pelt is scruffy and Marigold in color, while his chest is Di Serria. Both his face, ears, paws, and tail are coated in Kumera fur.He possesses a bright red nose and light brown whiskers. He has a Dark grayish indigo head tuft.

In addition to all of this he also wears red coat and his tail is tied with Dark and light grey purple ribbons.


Capper is portrayed as smooth-talking, streetwise, and opportunistic, able to charm others with his charismatic personality and quick wit. He initially sees the Mane Six as a means to settle his debt, but after Rarity's show of generosity, he chooses to help them by throwing Tempest off their trail in spite of the risk to himself. Capper also demonstrates heroism and loyalty by joining Twilight's friends in their campaign to rescue Twilight and free Canterlot from the Storm King's iron grip.


The story of Nadhifu: A Cat's Journey



  • The Mane Six
  • Captain Celaeno
  • Princess Skystar
  • Captain Celaeno's crew
  • Chummer (Early S1-Mid S2)
  • Mlinzi
  • Hasnaa


  • Nadhifu  (Early S1-Late S1)