Azizi is a male lion cub and the son of Sharifa.



Right up front it can be seen that Azizi got his looks from his mother. He has her warm orange pelt, light gold underbelly and red head and tail tuft.He also has her light blue eyes.


Azizi is actually very shy and terrified of male lions due to the rouge lion attacking his family's old home. It took him a while just to get used to Simba and Kion. He wouldn't stray away from his mother Sharifa, preferring to say near her and Mahuluti. He is shown to be very frolicsome, sportive, and playful when interacting with his Cousin.



Azizi was born to Sharifa sometime during Samba's reign.When his family was traveling through the Pride Lands, his mother was killed, and Lucia had to deal with it and take care of her little brothers. That was too much responsibility for a young lioness, and Lucia came in a deep depression. But the help of Kuuma and Mahuluti, she recovered, and started acting like a true older sister.

The lion guard: the battle for the pride lands

Azizi first appears alongside his family when he is brought back to Pride Rock by the lion guard  during one of there patrols.