Almasi is a young Female jackal that lives in the Outlands. She is the daughter of Mbweha and Bweha, and the sister of jua and adoptive sister of Shujaa and Uru.



Almasi is quite shy, timid and awkward around new faces, however she gets used to new faces quickly due to her determination to make new friends. She does struggle to speak for herself, but she never struggles to stand up and speak for her friends when they are picked on or bullied

Physical Appearance

Almasi is a small jackal pup, around the same size as her sister. She is a creamy brown jackal pup with a beige underbelly, muzzle and paws. Her back, bushy tail tip, and the top of her head are black in color. A large tuft of very dark brown fur flows over her forehead. Her eyes are blue and her round nose is dark brown.



Born in the reign of Simba, Almasi is the first daughter of Asha and her mate, Aduu, and the older sister of Jua.