Alika is a female Torracat and the adoptive mother of Eshe.

Physical Appearance

Alika's upper half is mostly black, while her lower half is mostly red-orange. The black area has several red-orange stripes: one running up the center of her head forming a short cowlick with one horizontal stripe through the center and a slightly V-shaped stripe at the bottom of her eyes, one running down her spine with two more stripes going across it, and two rings around alika's tail. The lower half of her body simply has two black rings around each leg. Alika forelegs are more developed than her hind legs. Each paw has three toes, but the front ones are larger with short, black claws. Alika's tail has several tufts of fur on the tip.

Alika has large, yellow eyes with black sclerae and pupils that have a red tint along the bottom. There are two long tufts of fur on each of her cheeks with a shorter tuft just underneath on either side of her chin. she has a tiny, triangular gray nose and long, pointed ears with gray insides. Hanging from her neck is a round, bell-like organ, which is yellow with an orange center.


Alika is a kind Female Torracat, somewhat flirtatious towards the males of her kind but hates it when they don't bring her any gifts. She is a gentle mother towards Eshe, if somewhat overprotective.She does her best to ensure that Eshe live out her Rockruff years safe, peaceful, and quiet, undisturbed by predators. Though she always puts on a nurturing and sweet front in front of eshe, she is a very ruthless and determined fighter, her expression alone reason enough for a potential attacker to rethink their decision.  Alika loves to hunt, but will never kill more than she needs.


Early Life 

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